Epistane (Methylepitiostanol)

Epistane (Methylepitiostanol)

For a long time, Epistane was sold over the counter as a prohormone.

Imagine walking into a supplement store and walking out with a three-month supply of Epistane. Those were the good old days really.

After a while, realization dawned that it was a designer steroid and not a prohormone.  That was the end of that.

But by then, most people had gotten a taste of Epistane and it would become one of the most popular oral steroids of all times.

Why, at one point of time, UG labs had jacked up the prices so much that it rivalled Anavar1 and Primobolan.

That only lasted for a short time though. Epistane prices have normalized now and you also have an injectable version if that’s what you prefer.

But for us, the oral version works just fine.

In fact, we believe that Epistane is one of the most underrated oral steroids of all times.

Even good old DBol is more popular, which is sort of surprising considering that you can achieve an absolutely peeled physique with Epi.

If you were always skeptical about Epistane, then here are six reasons why it is one of the best oral compounds ever.

#1 – It is not as liver toxic as some of the other compounds

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Hepatotoxicity is a concern whenever you run any 17CAA oral steroid.

But some compounds can be doubly harsh on your liver, like say, Superdrol.

Even if you run extremely high doses of TUDCA on these compounds, you’ll still feel a bit of lethargy.

You’ll be pissing really dark stuff for the duration of the cycle and your appetite will be killed.

But on Epistane, things will run nice and smooth even with less than a gram of TUDCA a day.

It’s not half as liver toxic as its other oral counterparts.

Why there are people who run a low dose of Test and run an oral stack with more than one compound, that’s centered around Epistane.

We’ll touch on this in a bit.

For now, Epistane will not stress your liver as much as other orals do.

#2 – It makes you leaner while making you bigger

That’s the ultimate goal that every athlete has with a steroid stack, right?

To get ripped without looking shriveled? To gain size without looking bloated like a water balloon?

There are only a handful of compounds that can help you achieve that look though.

Trenbolone is one of them. Epistane is the other.

*We DO NOT recommend the use of Epistane, if you are looking for lean gains, here are our top picks:

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It will make your leaner at the waist while continuing to let you pack a decent amount of size.

At the same time, it will not give you the watery, glycogen filled look of Dianabol2 or Anadrol.

Instead, all the gains that you make will be dry and rock hard.

During our maiden run with Epistane, our starting weight was 160 lbs. at 14% BF. By the time we ended the cycle, we were at 182 lbs. at 11 %.

The results were incredible for such a short cycle.

#3 – It will make you more vascular than you ever were


Muscle hardness and vascularity tops the priority list for a lot of bodybuilders and recreational steroid users.

To achieve this look, most users will either add Winstrol or Masteron to the fag end of their cycles.

Both are tremendously beneficial compounds mind you. But both these compounds can be severe on your hairline. What are your choices if you wish to keep that hair safe while achieving that dry, ripped look?

Epistane will get you there.

This stuff will bring out the veins where you never even thought they existed.

We once ran around 80 grams of Epistane and we had visible, prominent veins on our abs.

How’s that for aesthetics?

There’s no other oral compound that will make you as vascular as Epistane.

#4 – It’s perfect for both cuts and bulks

Methylepitiostanol dosage

Remember what we told you about bulking up while continuing to burn fat?

That’s what makes this a perfect compound for both cuts and bulks.

While cutting, it will preserve your muscle and even add a fair bit of rock-hard muscle mass to your overall size.

While bulking, you can continue to eat without worrying about gaining excessive fat.

One of the best stacks that a lot of users recommend is Superdrol with Epistane run with a low dose of test.

If you are on TRT and you wish to get a taste of things, this is the combo you must try.

It will absolutely blow everything that you’ve tried so far, out of the water.

Start with Epistane at 40 grams/day for three weeks. Bump it up to 60 grams for week four and five and then to 80 grams for the last week. Throw in Superdrol in week 5 at just 10 grams/day and run it for three weeks after you stop Epistane.

Get ready for the most insane transformation of your life.

#5 –  It tends to mask Estrogenic symptoms

Epistane results before and after

Epistane is derived from a breast cancer medication that is still used in many parts of the world.

This means that you will have to keep an eye on your AI intake, because Epistane can mask most of the high E2 symptoms by itself.

That said, it does not reduce the levels of Estrogen. You’ll have to continue using an AI to prevent aromatization.

But there are anecdotal instances where people have actually stopped using an AI when Epistane was added to the stack3.

We’ve also read about instances where Epistane helped reduce existing gyno and nipple itchiness. But that’s not something that we would want to risk or bet on.

#6 – The strength gains are quite dramatic

Epistane will definitely bump up your lifts. Your 1RM lifts will get easier. You will be able to add more volume to your lifts.

While some people experience a marginal increase in strength, there are others who report quite dramatic strength gains on Epi.

We feel that it depends on how you react to the compound more than anything else.

However, you must add Taurine to your on-cycle support. The insane pumps and the sudden strength gains are a recipe for injury.

Epistane can also cause severe lower back pumps without Taurine and proper hydration.

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